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VW T4 Riser plate Springplate 20 mm

To get more ground clearance on the rear axle, the spacers can be positioned at the top, between the spring and the body. The height adjustment of the front axle takes place via the existing torsion bars.

The set wins the bus about 30 mm more ground clearance !!

For the all-wheel drive Syncro lowering the differential is recommended here, to prevent damage to the drive shafts!


The set is not street legal.


Received in set:


2 pcs. Riser plates 20mm

25,00 €

20,00 €

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VW T4 differential lowering 21/16mm

High-quality turned spacer plates made of aluminum for lowering the rear differential of a VW T4 Syncro.

The spacer plates serve to relieve the drive shafts and prevent increased wear or even damage to the vehicle. For higher T4 buses, it is essential to forego a differential reduction without taking any major damage.

The set is not street legal.


Included in the set:

3 pcs. Differential aluminum lowering plates

3 pcs. High quality screws strength class 10.9

3 pcs. Washer DIN 9021



48,00 €

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VW T4 water-outlet

 Water drainage set for the T4 mudguard which guides water and all dirt out of the mudguard through its hose system. Never again compost in the fender!

The drain plug is made so that even the last part of the water can flow out of the drainage channel.

The hose system can easily be flushed through and thus cleaned in case of dirt accumulation. Thus, no dismantling of the fender is necessary and the risk of rust formation due to moisture in the interior is as good as gone!

Another big advantage is the assembly of the set. In this case, no changes to the body must be made.


Included in the set:

2   pcs. Water drains

2   pcs. PVC nut

2   pcs. PVC hosepipe

1    pc. Rubber blind plug

2   pcs. Hose clamp

10 pcs. Adhesive base

10 pcs. Cable ties

to the assembly instructions (youtube)


38,50 €

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Foliage blocker mudguard (composter)

The foliage blocker closes the gap between mudguard and the bodywork. The foliage blocker, as the name implies, keeps the big leaves out of the body. Foliage and other debris can thus be easily removed from the disc collection basin. The foliage blocker has drainage holes that drain off excess water in extreme rainfall, but also allow the mudguard to "breathe" (condensation can evaporate).

The assembly is carried out without any change in the body. The foliage blocker is simply slipped onto the existing alluvium.


Included in the set:


2 pieces. deciduous blockers

10,50 €

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Theft protection - "safety pins"

High-quality twisted, black anodized aluminum door locking pins to make your T4 safer.

Due to the conical and smooth design, it is almost impossible for thieves to use the so-called "loop trick". In addition, the surface is smoothed by the anodization again.

The pins are simply replaced with the existing pins (plug and play).

The set is not street legal.

The outstanding height of the pin may vary slightly depending on the door trim.

Sweaty or damp fingers can lead to difficult opening of the doors.


Included in the set:

3 pcs. Safety pins (driver, front passenger and sliding door)


21,50 €

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Theft protection - contact blocker (for T4 with central locking system)

T4's with central locking offers burglars an additional option to break the bus easily and quickly. In this case, the central locking is manipulated by applying a voltage to the sliding door contacts. By mounting the safety plate, the

Sliding door contacts can no longer be reached.

The assembly is quick and without any change to the body.

The set is not street legal.


Included in the set:

1 pc. contact blocker

9,50 €

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VW T4 theft protection outside mirror

High-quality VA safety screws, which makes it difficult to disassemble and steal the VW T4 exterior mirrors.


Included in the set:

4 pcs. Torx screws

2 pcs. Two-hole screws

1 pc. Two-hole bit

1 pc. of Torx bit

16,50 €

14,50 €

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